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Stop a Dangerous Plan Before It's Too Late


The City proposes to install bicycle lanes on Dickens Avenue between Clybourn and Lincoln Park, cutting through Oz Park. The plan affects all property owners on Dickens and adjacent streets and many others who visit Oz Park, whose children attend St. James School, and others who care about the character of their community.


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Why this is a bad idea?


Adding significant bicycle traffic threatens the safety of children who live along the planned route. Also, St. James School, on two opposite corners at Dickens and Fremont, has a playground adjacent to Dickens and drop-off and pick up on Dickens. Families who visit Oz Park will also be in danger as the path cuts through the south end of the park adjacent to the little league baseball diamonds.


A two-way bicycle path already exists on Armitage, just one block south of Dickens. It runs parallel along the entire proposed route. 

Resources should be invested in improving the existing bike lanes on Armitage.


Closed Process

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) did not notify Dickens property owners about a May 29th “public” meeting at St. James school. Most neighbors found out accidentally about a plan that will have a significant impact on our community.

Wasteful Spending

The City should direct resources for much-needed improvements to the existing Armitage bicycle lanes that run parallel to the proposed route on quiet, residential Dickens.

Unfair Distribution of Resources

Allocating bicycle infrastructure funds to build a duplicative bike path on Dickens is unfair when the South and West sides of the city have a shortage of such amenities.

Latest News

 The Coalition Against the Dickens Bike Highway is Growing. Stay tuned for Updates. 

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